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Up Down Drive Carton Box Sealing Machine

1. FXA6050S tape sealing machine is mainly applicable to carton sealing and packaging which can not only be a single machine operation results but also be used with the assembly line.

2. The carton box sealing machine adopts adhesive tape to seal the carton, which is economical, fast and easy to adjust equipment. It can finish upper and down (top and bottom) sealing at the same time.

3. The carton sealing machine working environment should be no corrosive gas.

4. The operation process of preparing will be explained, such as placing the machine on the level ground and checking the agility of all moving parts and seeing if there is anything stuck. Check the machine if there is any tightened parts are loose. Adjust and correct it if there is any problem.

5. It is easy to take out the sealing set and easy to replace the tapes. The sealer machine’s inner container can be extended replaced.

6. Tape tension adjusting: adjust the knob to adjust the tension of the tape, rotary it clocks wisely tension will be more, conversely will be less

7. The large motor has strong power, not only the load is large but also the delivery is smooth with high-quality movement and rust-free treatment.

8. Independent switch is easy to operate which is humanized independent and more convenient to use.

9. Lock the caster and adjust the legs inappropriate height for working or be level to the production line.



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Model FXA6050S
Power source 220V/50Hz, 240W
Sealing capacity about 1,000 standard cases per hour
Width of the adhesive tape 36, 48, 60mm
Adhesive tape used BOPP, water-free adhesive Tape, PVC adhesive tape
Max sealing size (W*H) 500* 600mm
Min sealing size (W*H) 140*150mm
Overall size 1800*706*1380~1580mm




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