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Small box sealer a fast small box sealing machine

This small box sealer model FXC4050XF is a fast small box sealing machine of uniform case sealer. Its seal speed is so fast because it is a semi automatic carton sealer, The operator needs to manually adjust the machine. This stainless steel taping machine will be an amazing packaging machine with a nice packaging process. It will improve your work efficiency although it is not a fully automatic random case sealer.


What is the advantage of the small box sealer?

1. FXC4050XF the semi automatic small box sealing machine mainly used in sealing and packing cartons, which can be used alone or as an essential part of the product packaging lines

2. This machine has no bottom belt drive . The carton sealing tape uses a high-quality side belt to transfer cartons at the left and right sides, moving stable and sealing properly.1. FXC4050XF is the semi automatic small box sealing machine mainly used in sealing and packing cartons, which can be used alone or as an essential part of the production line.

3. The small semi-auto carton box sealing machine, mainly designed for sealing and packing cartons, is economical and easy adjusting equipment, it can finish upper and down sealing at the same time. The width can be adjustable with a wide range of applications such as No.1-12 aircraft boxes.

4. We will keep on providing the service of maintenance after the period of guarantee, but charge for labor according to the case.

5. The seal head can be up-right for changing the tape more convenient and comfortable. The design is ergonomic for people standing straight to easily change the tape not only save time but also improve work efficiency.

6. If it is configured with a piece of lower printing equipment, it can intuitively reflect the image of the product packaging. It can be equipped with a tape printer to improve the appearance of products.

7. It is a special type of e-commerce.

8. In addition, the box carton sealer is equipped with ink-printer prints manufacture date, lot number, or words at side of the carton during the sealing process of carton.

9. Adhesive tape sealing uniform, strong and beautiful, won’t tear carton.

What is the feature of the carton sealing machine?

Model FXC4050XF
Power source 220/110V 50/60HZ 240W
Sealing capacity 1000pcs (standard size) per hour
Width of the adhesive tape 30, 45mm
Way of transmission Left-right side transmission mechanism
Max sealing box size (W*H) 500*385 mm
Min sealing box size (W*H) Postal boxes: 80*90mm / Airplane boxes: 100*40mm
Overall size 2085*835*1555 mm (L×W×H)
Weight 130 Kg

How does the carton sealer machine work?

With semi-automatic equipment, the operator typically fills and loads a small box at the entrance to the packing machine; the box may or may not have the bottom flaps previously closed. The operator closes the top flaps and feeds the box in or through a machine that automatically applies the closure. This helps save time and controls the application of the closure materials such as box sealing tape dispensers.

You can follow the sealer work video

How do you use the box sealing equipment?

We will supply the packaging machine paper manual in the machine box and the machine’s video tutorial for the machine. Train buyer’s technicians in the seller’s factory free of charge. The buyer needs to pay for the travel charges to China to the seller’s factory. If you have any problems using the device, within 24 hours we will provide guidance to customers via e-mail or telephone, etc.

If you really have trouble how to use the case sealing machine, We have Engineers service overseas in North America:

Support to send seller’s technician to buyer’s factory to install the machine and do the training for buyer’s technicians.

The buyer needs to pay for all of the travel charges for the seller’s technician, including the visa fee, air tickets, the local accommodation, the food, the local traffic charges, and so on.

What is this carton sealing machine’s price?

As production from carton sealer machine manufacturers, we also provide shrink wrap machineshrink machinessealing machinesvacuum machines, and other products of packing machinery such as automatic sleeve wrapper packaging. We will give you the factory’s price. You must love this case sealing machine with its excellent quality, reasonable, and cheap prices maybe not the cheapest, and first-class service. In fact, Our carton sealer machine has been sold to America, Central America, South America, Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East Annual sales close to. We have many partners and distributors all over the world such as partners in MalaysiaSouth AfricaSingaporeIndia. Of course, you can also become our distributor and partner if you are inspired by this tape machine or another machine that we provide. So contact us immediately!

carton sealer machine partners in Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, India

What is the sealer’s application?

As a small carton box packing machine, this case sealer machine is suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, hardware, and many other types of products that can be packed with folding cartons.  The carton box’s max size is 500*385 mm (W*H).  The min size is Postal boxes: 80*90mm / Airplane boxes: 100*40mm (W*H). The box too small or too big will be not suitable. But we also provide a big carton box sealing machine. So if you are a manufacturer which you provide a similar product and you want to improve work efficiency, you must not miss this machine.

What is about the case sealer’s material?

The width of this small box sealer’s taping box is 30 to 45mm. you can buy the tap on so easily.