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Small Box Packing Machine

1. FXC5050X  is mainly applicable to carton sealing and packaging which can not only be a single machine operation results but also be used with the assembly line. Min sealing case size 80×90 mm (W*H) and Max sealing case size 500×500 mm (W*H).

2. This machine is specially designed and developed for the e-commerce industry.

3. The blade is stable and reliable, which is easy to adjust to other characteristics.

4. The casters of the sealing machine are designed to make the movement more convenient. Casters with brake are fixed firmly not easy to slide after moving.

5. The carton sealing machine operation is that put the carton required to be packed on the conveyor table.

6. Adjust the height of the upper tape seat unit with a height-adjusting handle, make it be 3-5 mm lower than the carton.

7. Adjust width adjusting handle to make 2 sides conveyor attach carton tightly. (Note: too big friction will cause cartons transformed, too small friction will cause cartons can’t be transferred smoothly.)

8. Loosen locking wheel, adjust fixed wheels to close to cartons, then tight locking wheel.

9. Make sure to input the right power source as it is required. Switch on the machine and conveyor motors start running. Put carton on conveyor table and push in. Carton will be transmitted through automatically and sealed top & bottom with tape at the same time. When the carton goes out tape seat unit, cutting the knife will jump out and cut off the tape.


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Model FXC-5050X
Power source AC 220V/50HZ 180W
Sealing capacity 1000pcs (standard size) per hour
Width of the adhesive tape 36, 48 mm
Way of transmission Left-right side transmission mechanism
Max sealing size (W*H) 500×500 mm
Min sealing size (W*H) 80×90 mm
Overall size 1850×835×1100~1720 mm (L×W×H)
Weight 120 Kg




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