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Shrink Wrap Heat Sealer

DSD4520 Thermal shrink tunnel:

The principle and features: heat shrinkable boiler temperature control, temperature control, double control, applied double heating furnace, the internal temperature uniformity, not affected by the voltage fluctuation and has good energy saving benefits, of PVC/POP/PP/PE film contraction, the introduction object, through rapidly cooling, forced change of membrane molecular structure, and promote the shrinkable film appearance more beautiful, the appearance of the full display items, improve the product exhibit, to increase the aesthetic value of.


The working principle of:

Shrinkage film packaging Shrink Wrap Heat Sealer is a new type of arbitrary combination of automatic laminating and sealing heat shrinkage film packaging machine, which belongs to heat shrinkage film sealing packaging Shrink Wrap Heat Sealer.There is a feeding bracket, the feeding bracket is installed on the upper end of the conveyor belt and the conveyor belt;The front end of the feeding machine frame is connected with a laminated feeding bracket, the front end of the laminated feeding bracket is a sleeve film sealing cutting machine structure;The laminated feeding bracket is provided with a lifting table near the upper and lower conveyor belt, the upper two sides of the lifting table are provided with a turning blade, the top of the lifting table is provided with a turning start motor, the middle of the laminated feeding bracket is a laminated working table;The side of the upper end of the laminated feeding bracket is provided with a counter switch rising into the upper conveyor belt, and the upper end of the laminated feeding bracket is also provided with a bulletproof device for the packaged objects near the upper and lower conveyor belts.At work, you can pack anything from one item to a hundred or even more items depending on the number of packages you want to input.







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Model DSD4520
Voltage 220v/380v, 50/60HZ
Power 12.8kw
Sealing speed 0-12m/minute
Max. conveyor loading 30KGS MAX
Weight 10KGS
Machine size 1600*719*1440mm
Tunnel size 1200*450*200


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