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Semi-automatic strapping machine KZ900

KZ900 semi-automatic polypropylene strapping machine takes polythene plastic strap as binding material used in packaging and binding of paper carton box. This machine has very strong strapping systems.

what is a strapping machine used for

Wiki: Semi-automatic and fully automated strapping machines substantially improve efficiency in a warehouse and also the overall presentation of your packaged product. The labor-saving can often easily cover the relatively low cost of the strapping machine.

Both semi and fully automatic strapping machines can easily be included in a packing production line where packing tables and strapping machines are positioned at workable heights.

As semi-automatic strapping machines, it will allow one operator to automatically tension, seal, and cut polypropylene strapping to give neat and secure fastening on any size box.

Adjustable strap tensioning to suit each package prevents strap damage to softer boxes.

semi-automatic polypropylene strapping machine

What is the advantage of this semi-auto strapping machine?

  • KZ900 semi-automatic plastic strapping machine takes polythene plastic strap as binding material, which is mainly used in packaging and binding of paper cartons, wooden cases, and paper parcels in sectors of business, postal service, railway, and bank, for food, pharmaceutical, publishing, and so on.
  • Efficient and energy-saving in processing in high quality and high-speed packaging fashion, the machine can automatically conduct strap collecting, thermal sealing, cutting, and with full automatic stopping operation.
  • POWER SWITCH. A single-pole, single set luminous push-button glows when turned on. All electrical circuits and the electric motor are then energized. Pushing the “Power Switch” once more cuts off all power supply to the machine.
  • STRAP FEED LENGTH TIMER. Metered lengths of the strap can be adjusted to automatically feed in a range of from 1″ (25mm) to approximately 25 feet (7620mm).
  • RESET SWITCH. When pushed, the electromagnetic clutch is energized and the strapping head turns one complete revolution, stopping in the home position.
  • FEED LENGTH SWITCH. When pushed, the additional strap is fed out into the strap channel. Strap feed will continue as long as the button is pushed.
  • LOADING STRAP IN MACHINE. Withdraw the dispenser assembly. Push down on the lock and turn to disengage from the roll pin that protrudes from the shaft. Remove the lock and lift the right flange from the dispenser shaft.
  • The cooling time adjustment on your machine allows the user to adjust the cooling time to meet his strapping requirements. Please follow the steps below to adjust the cooling time of the heater.

What is the feature of the polypropylene strapping machine?

Model KZ900 Model KZ900L
Voltage 220V 250W Voltage 220V 250W
Strapping speed 1.6sec/strap Strapping speed 1.6sec/strap
Strapping bandwidth 9-15mm Strapping bandwidth 9-15mm
Strapping band thickness 0.7-1.1mm Strapping band thickness 0.7-1.1mm
Machine weight 90kg Machine weight 90kg
Machine size(L*W*H) 895*565*735mm Machine size(L*W*H) 895*565*580mm
Machine size 1150*600*1861 Machine size 1150*600*2347

You can find how does strapping machine work in this video. We supply the packaging machine paper manual in the machine box and the box strapping machine’s video tutorial on youtube.

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plastic strapping machine price

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strapping machine spare parts

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what to buy the strapping materials

The width of the machine’s strapping bandwidth is 9-15mm which includes 12 mm. you can buy the tap on so easily. You also can buy the strapper’s side belts on