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Household Vacuum Sealer

1. DZ series household vacuum sealer is the newest product Golden Bridge Technology has developed. It has superior vacuum ability and can seal the openings of all kinds of plastic bags.

2. This machine had a controlled heat-seal timer and automatic overheat warning indicator. The machine is energy-efficient, compact and portable in size, and sealable items and is very simple to operate.

3. It can seal ordinary plastic bags or composite plastic food bags made of foil and/or wax paper. You should test the bags first before inserting goods if you are not sure of the composition of the bag you intend to use.

4. This machine has been examined by experts and found to be superior to a similar machine around the world in quality and operation.

5. The machine can be used to store a wide variety of goods and foods such as medicines, electronic components, video and audio products, camera equipment, jewelry, paintings, fresh dried fruit, tea and spices, meats and vegetables, the list is only limited by your need.

6. After vacuum packing these things can be kept fresh and clean for an extended period of time and the quality maintain no moisture, no rust, on oxidation, no spoilage.

7. Save money by buying when prices are low or fruit is in season, store the items using your Vacuum Packing Machine and enjoy at your convenience.

8. DZ300-A household vacuum sealing machine is a small vacuum machine which can be used for minim vacuum packing of food in a family or a supermarket to protect foods from going mouldy.


Model DZ-300A
Vacuum capacity 0.035 Mpa
Width of sealing 40-300mm (wider opening can be sealed separately in several times)
Power source AC 220V/50-60Hz
Sealing time Number display, and auto control
Machine size 370*140*73 mm
Weight 2.5 kg









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