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Heat Seal Shrink Wrap Machine

1. The BSE series PE film shrink packaging machine is designed especially for PE shrink film. However, it is suitable for other types of shrink films. The machine adopts a digital temperature controller, which makes operation easier.

2. The packaged goods can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-pollution, and goods-protection from external shocks, with a certain buffer, especially when packaging fragile goods, it can prevent the equipment to break when flying. In addition, it can reduce the possibility that the product is dismantled or be stolen.

3. The machine should be set horizontal, or it will reduce the life of the electric thermal pipe.

4. After using the machine for three months, we should check the wire in the tunnel, change some of them if necessary

5. While the machine is working, the operator can not touch the running part of the machine, especially the tunnel, the temperature is so high that it is will burn the operator.

6. After finishing the work, we should turn off the heating switch, and let the carry motor and fan continue to work for about 10minutes, then turn off the power.

7. Before maintaining, must turn off the power; must let the special person maintain it or ask our company for help.

8. The guarantee time of this machine is one year, our company will maintain it for free when the case happens because of the bad quality. If the case happens is because of improper operating or by accident, we will maintain it with fees and get the cost of the spare parts.

9. Beyond the guaranteed time, if our company continues to maintain the product, we will get the expense. When the user maintains it, our company can sell the spare parts to them.


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Model BSE4535
Power supply 3phase 220V/380V 50/60HZ
Heater power 18KW Adjuster
Conveyer speed 0-10m/minute
Tunnel size(L*W*H) 1200*450*350mm
Conveyer loading 25KGS MAX.
Machine size 2200*730*1440mm
Machine weight 220KG
Shrink film PE, POF, PVC, PP

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