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Fully Automatic Polythene Cutting and Sealing Machine

DQL5545G is a fully automatic polythene cutting and sealing machine, the sealing quality is stable, the frame is difficult to be damaged. It may be your best choice if you want to seal the polythene(hdpe ldpe) bag with packaging machinery. You don’t need a plastic bag making machine after you have this machine, and you also don’t need a shopping bag.

Fully Automatic Polythene Cutting and Sealing Machine

What is the advantage of this bag sealer machine?

1. DQL5545G automatic L-type sealer’s knife adopts copper alloy sprayed with Teflon, it won’t stick film, sealing fastness, without smoke, non-pollution. Horizontal and vertical sealing knives adopt whole connecting without a gap, the film double-decker or one-decker won’t break.

2. The automatic L-type sealing frame adopts high-quality alloy steel, the sealing quality is stable, the frame is difficult to be damaged.

3. The machine should be operated and maintained by a specially-assigned person who must know the operational procedure to make it works well, give full play to its efficiency and prolong its service life, avoiding damage to the machine.

4. Place the machine on the flat. Check before starting up whether any accessories are lost or moved during the shipment If needed, please adjust them to the right place.

5. DSC4520L shrink tunnel adopts Schneider AC contactor, high-power Solid-state booster, and intelligent temperature controller to make temperature system more accurate, prolong the working life.

6. Thermal shrink packaging is one of the advanced packaging methods in the market right now.

7. The object is wrapped with shrink film, which shrinks by heat. So the object is wrapped with transparent film tightly and its figure is shown clearly.

8. Meanwhile, the packaged object is kept away from moisture、pollution, and scratches.

9. The machine automatic control panel is very simple and easy to operate.

What is the feature of the bag sealing machine?

Model DQL5545G
Max packing size(mm) L+2H≤550, W+2H≤450,H<130
Max sealing size(mm) L550×W450
Power(KW) 1.30
Capacity 0-24m/min
Voltage 220V 50/60HZ
Sealing temperature 180℃—250℃ depends on the thickness of film and environment temperature
Thickness of film(mm) 0.015-0.10
Air pressure(Kg/cm2) 5
Packing material POF PVC
Machine weight(㎏) 320
Machine size(㎜) L1700×W900×H1400

How to cut and seal plastic bags with this machine?

How did this bag cutting and sealing machine work? Let’s watch this machine’s workflow video. The operator will start the machine on the control panel. The workflow is fully automatic after the operator puts the carton box at the entrance to the packing machine. The box will be sealed into a plastic film bag and the plastic film bag side sealed will be cut immediately. This is different from the bottom seal bag making machine. The whole strokes min is so fast.

What is the polythene bag cutting and sealing machine price?

The polythene bag cutting and sealing machine’s price must inspire you. As production from cutting and sealing machine manufacturers, we also provide shrink wrap machines,  vacuum machines, and carton sealers. We will give you the factory’s price for this machine. You must love the plastic film bag sealing and cutting machines with their excellent quality, reasonable, and cheap prices maybe not the cheapest, and first-class service. In fact, Our carton sealer machine has been sold to America, Central America, South America, Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East Annual sales close to. We have many partners and distributors all over the world such as partners in Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, India. Of course, you can also become our distributor and partner if you are inspired by this bag side seal and cut machine. So contact us immediately!

What is the machine application?

This packaging and cutting equipment is suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, hardware, and many other types of products which can be packed with folding cartons in the packaging line. Whether the machine can be used depends on the case sizes.  The carton box’s max box size is L+2H≤550, W+2H≤450, H<130.  The box too big will be not suitable. So if you are a manufacturer which you provide a similar product and you want to improve work efficiency, you must not miss this machine.