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Fully Automatic Box Taping Machine

1. DQFXA6050 automatic carton sealing machine can be used only a single machine or equipped with production lines that real achieved the packing of full automatically, save trivial details works through manual carrying. So the machine largely improving working efficiency and economic benefit.

2. A New Fixed system easily adjusts. New Conveyor motor with CE Certificate and Quickly sealing, wherein the protective cover is the optional part of the customer.

3. The air-jar with every action point adopts AirTAC products, the capability is very stable.

4. This machine adopts a pneumatic method for packaging automatically, it overcomes some disadvantages when adopts manual or semi-auto ones, such as slow speed and unstable quality.

5. This automatic carton sealing machine doesn’t need to adjust the height and width by manual by adjusting itself to different sizes of cartons.

6. The sealing machine adopts adhesive tape to seal the carton, which is economical, fast and easy to adjust and this machine will not damage the surface of packaged objects.

7. The goods which are packed by this machine looks more leveled off, good-looking and resist -pressure improved as well. Because of automation in packaging, the efficiency largely improved so that to get rid of a series of problems, such as the slow speed of packaging, bad quality of packaging in the Semi-automatic model carton-sealing machine and Manual model ones.

8. When the machine needs repairing and adjusting, please turn off the power supply firstly. Then begin to carry on every kind of operation.

9. When you are on duty, you must clear the sundries and oiling to the cutting-knife.


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Model DQFXA6050
Power source 220V, 50Hz, 240W
Sealing capacity about 1,000 standard cases per hour
Width of the adhesive tape 36, 48, 60mm
Adhesive tape used BOPP, water-free adhesive Tape, PVC adhesive tape
Max. sealing dimensions (W*H) 500* 600mm
Min. sealing dimensions (W*H) 170*120mm
Machine size 1815*720*(1380~1610)mm




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