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shrink wrap machines

As a shrink wrap machines manufacturer in China, we sell shrink wrap packaging machines to customers all over the world. The price must inspire you.

Our products include shrink  wrapper machines, shrink machines, sealing machines, vacuum machines, carton sealers, etc.

Our factory is located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China, with convenient transportation access. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

Shrink Wrap Bag Sealer

Shrink Wrap Bag Sealer SLEEVE shrink packaging machine is an automatic PE film shrink packaging machine. Automatic resizing, suitable for automatic shrinkage packaging of combination products without bottom support, such as mineral water, beverage, Shrinkage packaging for daily chemical washing supplies

Heat Shrink Tunnel Machine

This machine is suitable for non-bottom (or bottom) shrink packaging of all kinds of bottled products. wrapping products such as cans, mineral water, beer, glass bottles, beverages, etc. At the same time, it is matched with a constant temperature PE shrinkage furnace to achieve the perfect packaging effect.
Absorbing the foreign advanced technology, combined with the domestic status quo, with unique originality, for all kinds of packaging for automatic collection, sorting, laminated, coated thermal contraction, thus overcome the domestic same kind of machine is easy to shake the overstow instability, easy card machine, the thin and small volume of a small box products do not adapt to such as insufficient, widened the machine in the field of packaging to adapt to the scope and capacity.

Semi Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

BZJ5038 series sleeve film machine is suitable for all kinds of bottles. Based on the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, we developed BZJ-5038B semi-auto pneumatic sleeve wrapper, which is improved based on former model BZJ-5038A (electric motor driving). This machine adopts advanced technology from Germany, and its main accessories are all famous foreign brands. Its performance is very stable and simple with high efficiency. It combines pushing, sealing, cutting, and wrapping in one operation. The shrink wrap systems are stable

Shrink Tunnel Machine

This model is suitable for use with PE film series heat shrink packaging machine. After sealing and cutting, the product directly enters the heat shrink packaging machine to complete the packaging. The machine improves work efficiency and reduces the consumption of electricity. It can work continuously for a long time and can meet the needs of mass production. Its main electrical components use imported high-quality components, and the action execution part uses high-quality pneumatic components, so the operation becomes extremely simple, the performance is very stable, the failure rate is extremely low, and the service life is longer.

Thermal Shrink Packaging Machine

Compact construction, high efficiency. Accurate temperature control of the shrink tunnel. Strong air-flow ensures excellent heat distribution for an even shrinking. All kinds of films can be used on this machine, and the effect is all good. All of the machine parts adopt brand products, it ensures the quality of the machine.

Heat Seal Shrink Wrap Machine

The BSE series PE film shrink packaging machine is designed especially for PE shrink film. However, it is suitable for other types of shrink films. The machine adopts a digital temperature controller, which makes operation easier. It can wrap products faster than Shrink Wrapping Heat Gun

Heat Sleeve Shrink Labeling Machine

BSS-1538C label shrink machines are mainly used to shrink the label of the product in bottle shape, can shape or barrel shape with glass bottle, plastic bottle or paper cup. BSS-1538C is to shrink label on the top of the bottle. Its advantage is to be able to adjust the height of the shrink tunnel according to the bottle size.

Bottle Sleeve Machine

BSS-1538 Series label shrink packaging machine is mainly applied to shrink the label of the product in bottle shape, cup shape, or barrel shape. BSS-1538B can shrink labels both on the whole bottle and in the middle of the bottle. BSS-1538B has a longer tunnel than BSS-1538D.Intelligent shrinkage temperature control; Transmission speed is stepless adjusted by the electronic governor; a Unique conveying device to ensure smooth conveying; The 360-degree rotation is heated to ensure uniform contraction.

Bottle Sleeve Label Shrink Machine

BSS-1538 Series label shrink packaging machine is mainly applied to shrink the label of the product in bottle shape, cup shape, or barrel shape. BSS-1538B and BSS-1538D are able to shrink labels both on the whole bottle and in the middle of the bottle. BSS-1538B has a longer tunnel than BSS-1538D.

Steam Label Shrink Machine

DZBS1135 steam label shrink machine is mainly used in heat shrink labels of cosmetics, dairy products, beverages, and other products after labeling. This machine has high thermal efficiency, shrink chamber temperature uniformity, stable and reliable, accurate temperature control and a series of advantages, well-adapted to modern trends and development of new products.

Heat Shrink Wrap Machine

Achieve perfect shrink effect with the lowest power consumption. 5-section design in shrink tunnel, independent temp. control in each section, as well as height adjustment and distance, adjust between objects. Any shape bottle is able to reach a nice-looking shrink effect after simple adjust. The machine has the advantage of high efficiency in energy-consumption, simple operation and easy adjustment.

Shrink Wrap Heat Sealer

heat shrinkable boiler temperature control, temperature control, double control, applied double heating furnace, the internal temperature uniformity, not affected by the voltage fluctuation and has good energy saving benefits, of PVC/POP/PP/PE film contraction, the introduction object, through rapidly cooling, forced change of membrane molecular structure, and promote the shrinkable film appearance more beautiful, the appearance of the full display items, improve the product exhibit, to increase the aesthetic value of.

Heat Shrink Packing Machine

Heat Shrink Packing Machine adopts hot air circulation technology, through automatic temperature regulator to control the temperature, high efficiency and energy saving.

Shrink Sealer

1. Shrink Sealer uses electronic stepless speed transmission, stable and reliable, long life, low noise. 2. The quartz far-infrared tube heating mode, the work can continuously produce infrared radiation, with strong wind circulation, so that the temperature of the heating chamber becomes more uniform, and at the same time, save energy.

As production from shrink wrapper machine manufacturers, we also provide carton sealershrink machinessealing machinesvacuum machines, and other products of packing machinery such as automatic sleeve wrapper packaging. We will give you the factory’s price. You must love this  machine with its excellent quality, reasonable, and cheap prices maybe not the cheapest, and first-class service. In fact, Our carton sealer machine has been sold to America, Central America, South America, Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East Annual sales close to. We have many partners and distributors all over the world such as partners in MalaysiaSouth AfricaSingaporeIndia. Of course, you can also become our distributor and partner if you are inspired by this tape machine or another machine that we provide. So contact us immediately!