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Label shrink packaging machine model BSS 1538B

The Label shrink packaging machine model BSS 1538B is a heat shrink wrap labels machine. It is mainly applied to shrink label of product in bottle shape, cup shape, or barrel shape. BSS-1538B can shrink labels both on the whole bottle and in the middle of the bottle. It is one of the amazing label shrink machines.

Label shrink packaging machine model BSS-1538B

Model BSS-1538B
Voltage 220V /50-60HZ
Power 8KW
Tunnel size (L x W x H)mm 1000x150x380
Max.Packing size(mm) ¢105 x 350H
Conveyor motor AC90W/220V
Conveyor speed 0-10m/min
Max.loading 15KGS
Shrink film POF,PVC,PP
Weight 96KGS
Dimension (mm) 1500x350x1500

What can be shrink-wrapped with the bss 1538b?

It is widely applied in the industry of food, medicine, cosmetics, pesticide, etc.

For example


What can be shrink-wrapped with the machine?

How does the shrink packaging machine works?

Place the packaged bottle at the entrance of the machine, as the bottle enters the inside of the machine, the label will be automatically packaged on the bottle because of the temperature.

What is the advantage of this heat shrink wrap labels machine?

  • Regarding temp. control, the combination of intelligent temp. meter and solid booster are adopted. This saves energy.
  • Temp. control of part shrink tunnel according to the position of the label is achieved. This enhances the packing effect greatly and reduces the influence on the product in the bottle.
  • Intelligent shrinkage temperature control; Transmission speed is step-less adjusted by the electronic governor; a Unique conveying device to ensure smooth conveying; The 360-degree rotation is heated to ensure uniform contraction.
  • Place the machine on the level ground, and connect it to the earth for the safety of the operator.