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Box Packing Machine Automatic

Automatic Random Case Sealer



1. FXJ4030ZX tape automatic case sealer can manually adjust (or automatically adjust) the height and width of different packaging sizes, suitable for mass production and automated production.

2. It can be widely used in the small household appliance industry, the food packaging industry, the express industry, etc, which can realize the packaging products automatically sealed up and down glue.

3. After the completion of automatic sealing, the products are bundled and packaged to make the packaging of products more firm and beautiful and help the enterprise to save manpower.

4. It’s reliable to work, easy to operate, and simple to maintain.

5. The machine can work as a unit, and can also be combined with an unmanned automatic strapping machine conveyor to become an automatic packaging production line of sealing and strapping.

6. Miniature, automatic folding cover sealing box in one time, the machine uses a pneumatic device (need to provide their air source) to realize automatic folding back cover.

7. If there have any problems with the operation, please check these faults and reasons. On the one hand, there is noise when sealing. The reason is that the bearing is dirty. On the other hand, the tape attach is too loose or the tape sealing loses frication. Maybe the spring on the sealing seat is loosening.

8. How to make the right solutions to solve these problems? There are some proper ways. First above all, wash and add lubricating oil. The other way is to add spring tension. Adjusting friction is also one of the ways to solve it.

Random Case Sealer


Model FXJ4030ZX
Power source AC220V/50HZ, AC110V/60HZ 240W
Width of the adhesive tape 30, 45mm
Speed 18m/min
Max. packing dimension 500(L) * 300(W) * 400(H) mm
Min. packing dimension 130(L) * 80(W) * 90(H)mm
Overall size 2410*745*1470mm
Weight 170 Kg